Falling (Back) In Love with the World / by Alison M. Newcomb


We are not either/ors.

We are both/ands.

I’m not unhappy about becoming old. I’m not unhappy about what must be.….But, you know, there’s something I’m finding out as I’m aging that I am in love with the world.
— Maurice Sendak: On Life, Death And Children's Lit (Fresh Air with Terry Gross)

Words of Redemption

I fall more in love with Erin Loechner’s words, every page I re-read, as I write a brief review of her beautiful book to post here on the site next week.

Photo by Jeremy Beck

Photo by Jeremy Beck

Today these words of hers will be my mantra:

We can explore—in equal measure, if we choose—art and science. Laughter and sorrow. Truth and beauty. 
We can lean in and lean out. We can conquer and retreat. We can teach and be taught.
We are not either/ors. We are both/ands. 


So much more to come in a few days. But don't wait on me! Go out and get that book today. You will thank me, I promise. 

The Book and its Wise-Beyond-Her-Years Author

Click to purchase Chasing Slow: The Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path from Amazon.com.


Also be sure to check out Erin's lifestyle website Design for Mankind. 



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