Through the Eyes of a Child by Alison M. Newcomb

He may never pick up his socks, but I hope he never loses his enormously open and happy heart. This kid, along with his daddy and kid brother, changed my entire life by giving me a house FULL of people to love. I thought there could never be another gift more powerful than that, yet every year the boy manages to somehow take my breath away.

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Surviving the Holidays with Your Family—and Sanity—Intact by Alison M. Newcomb

As my life and my family grew more complicated, my Christmas compulsion began to feel more and more like a chore. Only adding to the fever pitch of holiday obligations—company dinners, Christmas cocktail parties, and (these days) the boys’ own mounting social calendar. It took several years of whirlwind Decembers and early-January exhaustion to finally force me to revisit my real motivations, and whether the joy I’d always found, diving head-first into the holidays, was even really there anymore. For myself or my family. 

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Fall Break Survival 101: Christmas Crafting by Alison M. Newcomb

Planning crafting projects to fill up the days off the kids have during the week of Thanksgiving began as my desperate diversion attempt to keep them occupied, so I had some chance of getting any work done from my home office. 

What I didn't realize is how much I would enjoy what has now become a tradition in our home.

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