Though it took us years to discover it, there is an active, vibrant, and diverse community of blended families out there, willing to share their insight. Here you will find a collection of go-to resources, where we have found valuable guidance and support over the years. Since nothing about being a family is static, this is an ever-evolving and curated compilation—one that includes our own most current suggested content and sources we learn about from community feedback.

Online Resources for Blended Families

The Stepfamily Center - Focused on helping  stepparents successfully navigate the new and often-changing dynamics of a blended family. - Offers a wealth of resources for blended families, including access to an active online stepfamily community, focused intensives, and 1:1 coaching options.

DrugRehab.Com - As an organization providing support for people fighting addiction, understands how very difficult it is for parents to confront these issues with their children. That is why they created a Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

This Life in Progress - An online community for divorced parents and blended families.

Eyes Wide Open: Real Stepfamilies, Real Solutions - Founded by marriage/family therapist, Mary T. Kelly, with the mission to educate and offer realistic solutions for the many challenges that step-couples face when combining nonbiological families.

National Stepfamily Resource Center - The NSRC's primary objective is surfacing validated  information that links family science research on stepfamilies to best practices for adults and children in stepfamilies.

Recommended Reading

6 Tips for Successfully Blending Families - Practical, real-life advice (from one of my favorite bloggers) on how to navigate the often tricky waters of blended family life.

Stepfamily FAQs - Answers to the most common queries about various aspects of stepfamily life.

Stepfamily Fact Sheet - Interesting statistics about the realities of the modern family.

Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path by Erin Loechner - An inspiring must-read about stepping out of the modern world's fast lane in search of a simpler and more meaningful life. 

Blended Family Statistics  Research-based information that offers facts and information about various aspects of blended families.

StepMom Magazine - Available in print but the subscription's value is all about the online resources.

Blended Family Success (Marriage Today) - An insightful take on the importance of making your relationship/marriage the top priority in order to maintain a healthy family—blended or not. Marriage Today is a religious organization, which may not be suited for everyone.

It's Different for Stepmothers (Psychology Today) - An insightful read about why stepparenting can often be much tougher for women than for men, and how to make it easier.

7 Tips for Stepparenting and Blended Families - Another application-focused article from Hand-in-Hand Parenting on best practices for blended families. 

Blogs & Websites

The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project - An awesome community space, created by kick-ass stepmom, Jaime Scrimgeour, where families can find inspiration or learn useful new blended parenting skills—always served up with a healthy reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. 

Stepping Through - An inspirational (and funny) blog on stepparenting.

Journey of a Stepmom - Stripped-down and personal, this blog is especially relatable and powerfully reassuring. 

Filling Your Niche - Wonderfully open and vulnerable, without ever approaching the bare-it-all exhibitionism found on other websites. Written with humor, grace, humility, plus a good dose of practicality.

Winner of multiple "best of" blog awards and at the tippy-top of my favorites list.


Life in a Blender - An honest and relatable blog about discovering and owning your own "new normal".

Our Blended Abode - A fresh perspective on living life to its fullest as a blended family. 

Mothering in the Middle - A long-standing blog for families of all kinds looking for advice on how to live life together to its fullest potential. 

Minimalist Mom - Content-rich blog from Do Less author, Rachel Jonat, that is full of relatable stories and practical resources to help you declutter, save money, and live life fully.




Design for Mankind - Inspirational writing from author of Chasing Slow and founder of Design for Mankind, Erin Loechner. Erin is passionate about slow living, mold breaking and window-down, top-of-the-lung car singing.

The Art of Simple - The Art of Simple has been a go-to site about the hows and whys of living simply, starting when Tsh Oxenreider was living abroad and re-learning how to do everything in her host culture.


Clean Life. Real World. - Healthy living website from a personal friend of mine, where she chronicles the story of finding her own path to wellness after decades of chronic health issues.


The New Family - This podcast (and blog) examines and celebrates modern family life. Our aim is to inform and inspire while reflecting the wide variety of people and partnerships heading up today’s families.

Travel with Tykes - In Leslie Harvey's blog, she turns her list-making and organizational skills into simple posts that readers can turn to for one-stop information.

Zero to Travel - Looking for your free World Travel Blueprint? This podcast is for you.

Travel Mavens - Vacation Mavens is a family travel podcast offering destination guides, family travel tips, and ideas for parenting on the go.

The Dave Ramsey Podcast - From well-known financial freedom advocate, Dave Ramsey, this podcast airs targeted and personalized episodes with real-life situations, often from listeners, with Ramsey's recommendations for using intentional spending and fiscal responsibility to attain true financial freedom. 

10% Happier - A clear, simple approach to meditation with bestselling author Dan Harris and some of the most respected meditation teachers on the planet.


Blended Family Podcast -weekly show with a strong focus on strategies and methods to help your family thrive.  Blended families face many difficulties and challenges which can sometimes drive families apart.



The World Wanderers - This family of world wanderers hope to share their amazing experiences with other travel enthusiasts, as well as to share how travel has changed and impacted them in a positive way, and share how travel has shaped their view of the world, and what it means to be truly happy.

The Girl Next Door - I want to be friends with these two. Kelsey and Erica live right next door to each other  and each week bond over their love of organization, celebrating the seasons, blogging AND a shared birthday what else are they to do but mix up a cocktail and start a podcast?

Edit Your Life - A podcast to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you have more room to enjoy the awesome.


Vagabond Family -Seductive community site dedicated to the nomadic families everywhere.

Eight Feet Moving - A blog about a family that intentionally uprooted themselves to move to India for one year. I may be partial because we grew up in the same hometown as these amazing, brave parents. But their tales of adventures, mis adventures, and fully embracing that space outside of your comfort zone (oh, and the breathtaking pictures!) is inspirational. 

Cross Cultural Solutions - One of the most reputable organizations offering   volunteer vacations all over the globe, tailored to your family's individual interests and abilities.

Gone with the Family - Beyond just a blog, this site offers real-life tips, detailed travel itineraries, relatable kid-travel disaster stories, all from a real mom whose mission is to show her kids the world, "on trip at a time."

AirBnB - No explanation needed.

Travel Food Family - A couple deliberately choosing adventure over wealth and determined to prove that you don't have to always act like grownups just because you have kids.

Currently Wandering - The Curren Family are my heroes. They live out of an airstream 6 months out of the year, and you can read all about their adventures (and misadventures) here.

Eight Feet Moving - A blog about a family that intentionally uprooted their lives in Chicago to live in India for a year.

Wanderlust Collective - Made of of a motley group passionate about exploring, and connecting with, the natural world. Also amazing pics of places not many are lucky enough to see with their own eyes.

Cabins Daily - My favorite excuse to procrastinate.

Walking on Travels - A family chronicles its travel adventures, proving their commitment to holding onto wanderlust after kids.

Wanderlust and Lipstick - Your gateway to living a bolder, bigger, broader life through travel.

Pitstops for Kids - All you need to know is in the title. Because the struggle is real.

Travel Mamas - Committed to helping parents and children connect with each other and the world around them through travel.